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Are you a Thinker, Maker, Fixer?

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All personalities are good personalities to be an entrepreneur, when you get down to business, which kind of problem solvers you really are? Are you an inventor or a thinker? Or maybe you are someone who likes to fix things? Let’s find out!

Are you a Thinker?

Always on the lookout for opportunities and tuned in to society’s most pressing issues, the Thinker is an ideas person who sees the bigger picture and focuses on the ultimate objective. Driven by a passion to change lives and make their mark on the world of business, Thinkers don’t like being drawn into detail, so they will gladly hand the reins to others when the going gets tough.

Leadership potential: Thinkers lead by visualising and anticipating a successful out- come, making them especially valuable during the planning and early stages of the journey. They will also bring focus if attention starts to waver along the way.

Motto: Keep your eyes on the prize / Consider the big picture.

Are you a Maker?

The Maker is a problem solver who takes responsibility for guiding the team through challenging situations. Often blessed with specialist knowledge or deep understanding of a particular area, Makers love to immerse themselves in a problem and then share their insights with others. Practical and creative, the Maker focuses on real-world considerations, challenging the Thinker to remain realistic and keeping the team on track.

Leadership potential: Makers lead by tackling practical challenges and by encouraging, demonstrating and celebrating creativity. When a situation requires specialist expertise and a cool head, the Maker steps forwards and takes control.

Motto: We can work it out / Any obstacle can be overcome.

Are you a Fixer?

The Fixer is a pragmatist who learns quickly, gets stuck in and delivers results. Whether talking the team out of a sticky situation, rallying the troops when spirits flag or simply digging in and getting things done, the Fixer thrives in a front-line role. From pitching to peacekeeping, the Fixer is a hands-on operator, so don’t expect them to indulge in long bouts of strategic navel-gazing.

Leadership potential: Fixers lead by example, recognising the importance of individual brilliance and collective effort. Grounded, empathetic and self-aware, the Fixer knows when to step up and seize the initiative, whether by force of character or by responding sensitively to a challenging situation

Motto: Let’s get this show on the road / Let’s get on with it / What are we waiting for?

Or maybe a combination of all three?

A mixer, a faker or a finker? You can’t put a label on your talents! You can draw up the strategy, make and design the idea, and then go out and sell it! You are a collaborator but also can direct the team to ensure the right outcome. You aren’t afraid of failure as you have considered all possibilities.

Leadership potential: Its unbound, you have the leadership of the Fixer blended with the strategic visonary genius of the Thinker. You are a tribrid with heaps of potential.


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