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The only entrepreneurship ebook(s) you’ll ever need!

We have published three ebooks on all things entrepreneurship, especially designed for founders-to-be wanting to learn something new and exciting. These books are packed with case studies from successful City alumni and excellent activities to max your brainpower.

These books are for everyone and are divided three volumes:

Vol. 1 – Problem Pad (Thinker)

“There is a way to do it better – find it.”
You may have been turning and tossing to come up with the next business that will become Facebook or Google, the truth is, all you need is a paint point in people’s life and fix it.

Exercises on discovering problems with business potentials, drafting your first target customer profile, and matching your own skillset to work.

Also comes with a 24-hour “build a new business” challenge, not for the faint-hearted!

Vol. 2 – Sticky Business (Maker)

“The guide to growing your money tree”.
How does one start a business with no seed money? What is the “special sauce” in a successful business?

A business is like a money tree, the roots must be nourished, and the foundation must be strong enough to see you through until the day of fruition. “Sticky Business” will unfold key aspects of new ventures that are less talked about.

Activities on pricing, funding, team building, legal protection and most importantly – risk assessment. When it is not always rainbows and butterflies, better be prepared to save for a rainy day!

Vol. 3 – Marketing Genie (Fixer)

“The wizardry of storytelling”

People love stories. Having a story or a compelling reason to exist will help people to remember your business more.

Our third book will cover simple tasks to unearth your brand identity, find a good name for your business, send out the right brand messages and build your tribe on social media!

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