Startup Camp

A celebration of all things startup! Why?
Because entrepreneurs ROCK!

Startup Camp is a series of events for enterprising students, graduate entrepreneurs and friends of City, University of London.

Come and check out all the support available, meet awesome founders and learn more about what we can do to help you start your business.


How to Become a Student Entrepreneur

Monday, 4th of October at 6pm


Three City entrepreneurs, three City stories!

Come and meet with three successful founders studying at City, University of London, and to hear their stories on balancing being entrepreneurial and student.

Brandon Relph –

Brandon was formally the youngest CEO in the UK. He was13 when he turned his love for the video game ‘Minecraft’ into a job, eventually expanding to a team of over 35. This team operated in 13 different countries.

He is currently the CEO of Studio BE, a disruptive technology and production company focusing on the under 24 market.

Victoria Hanson –

Formerly a managing director at New York Times, Victoria is now an MBA student in entrepreneurship.

She is also the founder of the Knowledge Shop – an Ed-Tech/consulting business aiming to provide both the emotional and tactical support that founders need in order to boost their resilience, and increase their odds of start-up success.

Maggie Chen –

Maggie is a serial entrepreneur graduated from Oxford University, she co-founded the Girls in Charge Initiative which aims to encourage young women to ‘try out’ entrepreneurship through gamification.

She has spoken in the House of Lords, her work was featured in the Startup Magazine and the national entrepreneurship report – ‘Future Founder’ (2019).

Find out more and register here


How to start a business with Chris Barton, founder of Shazam

Wednesday, 6th of October at 6pm



As the first CEO of Shazam, Chris Barton led the creation of Shazam along with three co-founders from concept through inventing a new pattern recognition technology and then building and launching the world´s first music recognition service, eventually acquired by Apple for $400 million.

Chris will be delivering a keynote about his incredible journey and walk us through –

– founding something completely new and unheard of

– how he overcome the challenges of being a first-mover

– his view on product/service development and how to keep it simple

– when is the best time to start a business

Tickets are limited, sign up now!

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